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IE magazine amplifies and empowers the global movement of impact entrepreneurs and their supporters, focusing on the innovations and practices that build an impact economy and contribute to transformative, systemic change.

Distinguished by its field-building and entrepreneur-centric approach, Impact Entrepreneur Magazine, while not a scholarly journal, finance-first media source, or geographically constrained/regionally focused publication, integrates journalism, scholarly research and financial acumen to tell global stories that value individuals, communities and cultures for their unique richness.


Advancing the SDGs in every region


Focusing on leading-edge innovators and the broader ecosystem supporting them

integrity +


Amplifying the voices of diverse contributors and shedding light on those working to build an impact economy


Recognizing the interrelation and connection among systems and actors within a global, impact economy

Applying a Triple bottom line lens

(social, environmental, financial)


Valuing the deep exploration of issues and questions for deeper understandings, while encouraging debate and inviting participation from the broader IE community

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