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Why Sponsor?

A growing number of organizations are demonstrating how to move beyond incremental change to real transformation. But their success rests in their ability to shift the complex systems in which those problems exist—and that is influenced by how they are funded, what they are funding, the strength and efficacy of their networks, and whether collectively organizations are intervening in different ways that together add up to a meaningful transition to new paradigms and structures.

We recognize that financial capital has a crucial role to play in enabling change to occur at scale. Impact Entrepreneur is employing an integrated finance strategy to fund our magazine and collaborative platform, by bringing together philanthropy and philanthropic instruments alongside a for-profit business model to create a more sophisticated funding continuum better suited to the evolutionary cycle of a field-building, revenue-generating organization and social enterprise.

As champions of blended finance, we have partnered with Impact Assets and Realize Impact to act as our fiscal sponsors to facilitate the flow of philanthropic capital and other sponsorship funding to the Magazine, the collaborative platform, and the Impact Journalism Institute.

Impact Entrepreneur is looking to partner with field-building organizations that are interested in seeding impact economy projects and demonstrating how to move beyond incremental change to real transformation. By funding Impact Entrepreneur, our sponsors will help create the marketplace and network where this change can occur and further develop thought leadership to advance the space.

Sponsorship Details

Impact Entrepreneur is excited to offer our sponsors the opportunity to fund specific initiatives and issue areas that strategically align with their grantmaking missions. Some of these initiatives include:

Specific SDG’s & Impact Themes

Sponsoring SDG & impact themes within the magazine that most closely align with your mission/interests.

Impact Journalism Institute

Journalist trainings & fellowships, article series sponsorships.

Any Questions?

Please contact us with questions and for more information, including our sponsorship deck.

Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits

We offer a range of Sponsorship opportunities and benefits, which include

Being featured on the homepage and dedicated sponsor’s page

Magazine ad space visibility on category landing pages and content pages

Call-outs on webinars and deep dives

Newsletter mentions