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Building a Global Community of Impact-Fluent Writers

Impact Entrepreneur aims to help build and elevate a global community of impact-fluent writers, journalists, and visual storytellers adept at covering the ever-evolving impact economy. In support of these goals, IE has launched the Impact Journalism Institute (IJI). IJI’s mission is to build the field of impact journalism and provide world-class training that advances impact-fluency among journalists, amplifies diverse voices, and fosters quality, space-specific storytelling. The Institute also seeks to provide fellowships and other support to Correspondents to establish impact journalism as a viable career path.


Initially, the IJI is open to IE Magazine contributors, including Correspondents, Content Partners, and Columnists. IE Magazine requires that Correspondents complete the IJI orientation and attend regular online meetings and additional trainings as they are available. In later stages, IJI will be developing initiatives that serve the impact space more broadly.

IJI Core Training

IJI’s initial trainings cover several foundational topics. Trainings are conducted virtually with expert instructors and recorded. Recordings and other materials are shared and archived on the IJI training portal. Correspondents are required to complete all core trainings.

IE envisions expanding the IJI training to:

Cover additional topics within the broader impact economy, led by experts from the field to develop a richer ‘impact journalism’ curriculum for Magazine contributors (see Examples of Additional Trainings below)

Expand IJI trainings to the broader community of stakeholders

Core Curriculum

  • Correspondent Orientation
  • Impact Journalism 101
  • Impact Investing 101
  • Impact Measurement and Management

Additional Trainings

Examples of additional trainings wil include such topics as:

  • Gender Equality
  • Policy & Regulation
  • Racial Equity
  • SDG Orientation
  • Social Impact Entrepreneurship

Support IJI

There are many ways to support the mission of the IJI:


  • Provide general operating and capacity building funding
  • Fund specific topics that strategically align with their grantmaking missions
  • Sponsor fellowships for Correspondents, including those from underserved communities
  • Support specific trainings for their teams and organizations

Subject and Sector Experts

  • Partner with the IJI team to co-produce training sessions

Reach Out to Our IJI Team

Guiding Principles

Prioritizing journalistic integrity and transparency

Advancing systems thinking that grows the impact economy

Examining the full story: problems, root causes, solutions, and risks

Telling stories that value individuals, communities, and cultures for their unique richness

Bringing together a global community of journalists and visual storytellers who are passionate about impact

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