Evolution of Impact Measurement and Management


Content: Video Webinar Presentation with Q&A

Length: 1:15:26

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The evolution of measurement for impact investing is rapidly advancing, driven by consensus-building conventions for terminology, dimensions of impact, and principles. Many in the field of impact investing see this as a critical step forward to reduce fragmentation and produce opportunities for alignment that are critical for the growth of the impact investment field overall. Current framing of measurement as impact measurement and management (IMM) signifies a growing commitment to using data for transformative impact.

Panelists in this webinar have been active in field-building efforts and co-creation of new conventions and approaches. The panel includes Clara Barby from the Impact Management Project, which has coalesced hundreds of stakeholders in developing dimensions of impact; Kelly McCarthy from the GIIN, who actively engages in building Navigating Impact and the new IRIS+ system; Sara Olsen, founder of SVT and Social Value US, which promotes principles that guide IMM practices; and Uma Sekar, a trailblazer in developing IMM for Unitus and Capria Ventures. The panel is moderated by Jane Reisman, Social Impact Advisor and IMM field builder.

This webinar is ideal for actors throughout the ecosystem of impact investing: asset managers, asset owners, intermediaries, social enterprises, and public and civic partners engaged in impact investing. Viewers will:

– Gain insight into the major breakthroughs in impact measurement and management

– Reflect on the state of impact measurement and management in their own organizations

– Explore current trends and conventions to help them chart a path forward in aligning with those conventions.


Jane Reisman

Jane Reisman is an experienced social sector evaluator and impact measurement practitioner, and key contributor to the development of measurement, learning and best practices to the fields of philanthropy and impact investing. As the founder and leader of ORS Impact for over 25 years, Jane developed a record of engaging in new frontiers of evaluation and measurement- especially those that require innovative and practical approaches. She is active in field building efforts around impact measurement and management, having contributed to a formative body of literature as an advisor to the Rockefeller Foundation and acting as a convener and presenter on IMM at numerous events. She currently works as a social impact advisor and co-founder of Moving Beyond which promotes strategic learning and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Featured Guests

Clara Barby

Clara Barby leads the Impact Management Project and is Partner, Impact+ at Bridges Fund Management. Prior to Bridges, Clara focused her career on investing in and managing high-impact businesses at Acumen, focused on off-grid energy and low-cost healthcare. The Impact Management Project is backed by a wide range of organizations – from leading foundations, multilaterals, family offices, asset managers, pension funds and insurance companies – this open source project is supporting hundreds of organizations to agree on and move to shared norms for impact measurement and management. Clara holds a BA (Hons) in Greats from Oxford University and an MBA from INSEAD.

Kelly McCarthy

Kelly McCarthy is Director at the Global Impact Investing Network, leading the development and wide-spread use of critical impact investing infrastructure including the Navigating Impact project and IRIS+, a metrics-based system that the majority of leading impact investors use to drive social and environmental results throughout the investment management process. She is a frequent speaker about industry-level priorities for impact measurement and management for impact investors and leads the GIIN’s work with investors to promote and implement impact considerations in day-to-day investment management. Kelly chairs and /or serves on several advisory committees for market-building impact measurement and management initiatives, including the UNPRI Investor Agenda for Corporate ESG Reporting, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development Social and Natural Capital Protocols, the Impact Management Project, the World Economic Forum’s Accelerating Impact Measurement & Management effort, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Transparency & Data Charter, the GIIRS rating system, the WELL standards among others. She was also the secretariat to the Impact Measurement Working Group of the Social Impact Investment Taskforce established by the G8. She holds a BA in Conservation Biology and Environmental Studies from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Captivated by the idea that one day investors could understand not only their financial return on investment but also their social ROI, SARA OLSEN co-founded SVT Group, the first impact management firm, in 2001. SVT is a “best for the world” certified B Corporation that designs and implements systems to measure, manage and communicate social and ecological impact. The firm has designed systems to assess the social and environmental value of over $9Bn in assets. SVT’s diverse and inspiring clients include Yo Yo Ma, Ciudad Saludable, Beneficial State Bank, and CalPERS’ Environmental Investment Advisor. SVT’s work has honed the way these clients assess and manage their impact, and created direct streams of previously hidden value for their organizations. Through SVT, and in various teaching roles, Sara has also trained over 6,000 individuals in-person in impact management skills. Recognized twice as one of America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs by Bloomberg Businessweek for her work defining and growing the impact management discipline, Sara is also methodology co-chair for Social Value International, “the professional home for people working to change the way society accounts for value,” and founding board member of Social Value United States, its US chapter. She has served as Social Value International’s delegate to the Impact Management Project and Social Value US’s delegate to the Global Steering Group, the successor organization to the G8’s initiative on impact investing and impact measurement. Sara is also the co-founder of the Global Social Venture Competition which is now celebrating its 20th year.

Uma Sekar

Uma Sekar is Director of Impact and ESG at Capria Ventures. Capria is advancing the next generation of local fund managers that invest in hundreds of small and growing businesses in emerging and frontier markets in Africa, Latin America and South and Southeast Asia. Capria provides these capable, highly-vetted, local fund managers with a unique platform for success, including senior-level partnering and capacity building, a global peer network, and tailored, patient capital. Capria’s growing network of fund managers focus on addressing the “missing middle” finance opportunity, targeting to deliver both commercial returns and impact at scale. Uma brings close to a decade’s experience designing and implementing actionable impact frameworks using collaborative approaches adapting logical frameworks for various organizations. At Capria, she has worked with 19 fund managers in the Capria Network and over 30 companies in the Unitus Ventures portfolio to develop and integrate impact management strategies. Uma strongly believes impact and financial returns can be enhanced by aligning impact with business operations and strategies. She is a thought leader and active contributor to multiple global impact working groups including the GIIN IRIS+ and EMPEA’s SDG working groups.

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