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Empowering Rural Women

How a packaging startup is spearheading a model for effective, sustainable impact

In the year 2022, in addition to a vast array of accomplishments, a multitude of global issues remain unresolved. Women in general continue to face difficulties within a society rooted in patriarchal traditions.​ According to the UN Women and the World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC), women living in rural areas are subject to additional challenges such as limited access to public services and even the bare necessities. Moreover, gender-based violence, financial barriers, and exclusion from decision-making opportunities are more acute in sparsely populated areas. In the midst of technological innovation, natural ecosystems continue to face destruction and pollution. Focusing solely…
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Ashley Kim is an undergraduate at McGill University majoring in English Literature and minoring in Hispanic Studies and European Literature & Culture. Her hobbies include reading classic novels, cooking, and taking long walks. Outside of academic writing, she is also passionate about creative journalism and environmental sustainability.

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