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Fintech for Good: Equitable Access to Affordable Credit

How innovative companies are addressing this challenge in the U.S.

Thirty percent of Americans lack access to affordable banking services that can support them during difficult times. Unfortunately, the pandemic exacerbated this reality and the latest economic challenges only worsen the matter. Those who lost jobs during the pandemic became further unprepared for financial emergencies. Among laid-off workers, minorities, in particular, faced great financial management hurdles. Getting a loan when needed, such as buying a car or home, is impossible for many. According to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB), 1 out of 5 adults are “credit invisible” and hence ineligible for a loan, despite many who make regular rent…
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Carol Caruso is a social impact entrepreneur, investor and advisor. She has over 20 years of global experience working in inclusive finance, digital technology, advising and investing in social impact startups and previously co-founded an Inclusive Fintech startup. Carol has extensive experience and passion in driving social impact through the ... Read more
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