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How and Why to Create an Inclusive Workplace

When India achieved independence, “unity in diversity” became a buzz phrase. ​ The country’s leaders tried to cultivate inclusion across races, languages, religions, and many other dimensions. Fast forward 75 years and discussions about inclusion have moved into all spheres of our lives, including conversations on creating inclusive workplaces. Inclusion is vital for both companies and individuals as it has been seen to have positive effects on employee efficiency, team coordination, productivity, and satisfaction. How vital is it? In 2020, Glassdoor revealed the results of its 2020 Diversity Hiring Survey. The results were startling. About 76% of the survey population…
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Rachita Sharma is a technology entrepreneur, financial literacy advocate, and gender rights activist. She is the CEO & Co-founder of Girl Power Talk, Chief Marketing Officer of Blue Ocean Global Technology, and Chairperson for the All Ladies League, a comprehensive network for women with members in 150 countries.
World Scientific Series in Health Investment and Financing. Sustainability.

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