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Investors Should Avoid 6 Pitfalls to Champion Racial Equity

Achieving racial and economic equity is a defining opportunity of our time. Globally, widening inequality and racial and ethnic discrimination threaten peace, social cohesion, and economic stability. Along with civil society and government, investors have a powerful and essential role to play by redesigning investment policies and practices to center equitable outcomes. The time for investors to center equity has never been more urgent in America, with nearly 100 million people in America living in economic insecurity. This includes over 40% of people of color and nearly 25% of white people. People of color are also dramatically under-represented as decision…
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Mahlet Getachew, Managing Director of Corporate Racial Equity at PolicyLink, works to ignite the racial equity movement more broadly and deeply within corporate America. She comes to PolicyLink with extensive experience in the private sector advising public and private corporations across various industries as external legal counsel and in-house counsel.
As President and CEO of CapEQ™, Tynesia helps businesses achieve their true potential through social impact. She has been religiously leading and writing about enterprises that “do well and do good” for over a decade. Her most recent book is "The Social Impact Advantage: Win Customers and Talent By Harnessing ... Read more
Lissa Glasgo, Director, IRIS+/Impact Measurement & Management (IMM) at the GIIN, leads the IRIS+ standards on impact themes including DEI and supports the development of the GIIN’s impact performance benchmarks. She is grateful to have spent her career on IMM strategy/research for incredible organizations and people around the globe.

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