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Marine Conservation Funding Gap

Exploring Innovative Public-private Partnerships and Blended Finance Solutions.

More than 60% of coral reefs globally are under immediate and direct threat (WRI, 2018). With some 500 million people depending directly on coral reefs for food and income, these populations are particularly vulnerable to reef-loss (‘poverty trap’). Well-managed and financed Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are the cornerstones of international efforts to “replenish biodiversity and nourish the growing human population” (IUCN, 2018). Benefits that flow from the resulting, healthier ecosystems include an enhanced food supply, fishing incomes, opportunities for nature tourism businesses, shoreline protection, and greater resilience to climate change. As a result, there is a call for increased MPA…
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Nicolas is a former investment banker, marine scientist, entrepreneur and current Director of the Blue Finance, developing blended finance solutions for marine conservation, livelihood enhancement and climate change resilience. Nicolas’ expertise combines marine science, economics, finance and policy; all aimed at protecting marine ecosystems in developing countries. His more than ... Read more
Angelique Brathwaite is coordinating Ecology and MPA Management activities with the NGO Blue finance. Before joining Blue finance, Angelique headed the Marine Research Section of the Coastal Zone Management Unit (Ministry of Environment) in Barbados, for over a decade. Her work involved developing and implementing coral reef related research projects; ... Read more

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