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Cecilia Foxworthy

Cecilia Foxworthy is the CEO of Agora Partnerships, a nonprofit organization working in collaborative action to move small and growing businesses across Latin America towards sustainability — economic, social, and environmental. She also co-leads Red de Impacto, an ecosystem task force of 65+ entrepreneurial support agents across Latin America working to align efforts and raise the voice of the region’s entrepreneurs. Previous to Agora, Cecilia spent over a decade leading and consulting impact enterprises for strategic growth and innovation across the globe, with a targeted focus on the Americas. Her experience spans business strategy, design research, program design, financial modeling, digital marketing, curriculum design, and organizational change for youth development, education, livelihoods, and women’s economic empowerment initiatives.

Cecilia has held roles directing or managing operations and marketing for Global Citizen and Global Goods Partners. Additionally, Cecilia has founded and built two organizations, Torus Teens and Small Fry, to address education and economic opportunity gaps in disadvantaged communities in the US. Cecilia holds an MBA from Baruch College, an MS in Global Education from Drexel, and a BS in Apparel Design from Virginia Tech.

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