The Resilience Imperative with Sharron McPherson


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The Resilience Imperative: Innovating and Investing Like Our Future Depends on It

Today, there are many important global issues, including the ongoing war in Ukraine and COVID, which vie for our attention. But we cannot afford to take our eyes off the threat of global warming. Everything that we know and love depends on collective climate action.

Climate-related disasters, spurred on by rising emissions, are growing in frequency, severity, and scale, reaching ominous and unprecedented proportions around the world. Epic disasters, damages, and losses will define the 21st century unless we invest in climate resilience – now. Yet, one of the biggest challenges we face is how to make our communities more resilient. Real resilience is based in coordinated community action that is backed by data and analytics. To get there, we need investment in climate resilience efforts that will prepare society and the economy to respond and recover from the effects of climate change.

Today, efforts to increase resilience in communities are fragmented, especially so in frontline communities and contested environments. This lack of integration and information coordination across the various actors and agents necessary to stabilize communities is exacerbated by 1) a failure to address the communities’ inability to properly absorb capital (both human and financial), and 2) by a lack of innovation in exploring ways to invest more appropriately in the vanguard communities that bear the first and worst of climate change.

In this live webinar and audience Q&A, Impact Entrepreneur’s Laurie Lane-Zucker welcomes Green Jobs Machine co-founder & CEO Sharron McPherson to discuss the resilience imperative and how impact investors and entrepreneurs can effectively tackle the biggest social and environmental challenge of the century.

The Resilience Imperative: Innovating and Investing Like Our Future Depends on It


Sharron McPherson

Sharron McPherson

A reformed investment banker and Wall Street attorney, Sharron McPherson is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Green Jobs Machine, a resilience tech company committed to helping communities globally thrive in adverse climate conditions. She is a leading expert on the impact of advancing technologies that drive sustainable growth and development. Sharron is co-founder and Former CEO of one of Africa’s largest women’s infrastructure investment groups, the WINDE Consortium (Women in Infrastructure Development & Energy). She is a founding director of Singularity University South Africa and is a former Executive Director of the Centre for Disruptive Technologies, a “think & do” tank based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her life’s passion is to measurably help improve the lives of a billion people by reimaging how we leverage advancing technologies to unlock a better world.

An accomplished public speaker, moderator, and published author with a lifetime interest in building better communities through social impact investing, Sharron has addressed a wide range of audiences, including TED and the World Economic Forum.

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