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Testing for Personalized Health and Society Well-being

An Interview with Attomarker’s Andrew Shaw

Alexander Kalis, correspondent for Impact Entrepreneur, sat down with Andrew Shaw, founder of Attomarker to discuss the importance of testing for personalized health and well-being and how Attomarker are helping to address the future of medicine. Andrew, it’s a pleasure to speak with you today and to discuss the fascinating work behind Attomarker. Could you explain what Attomarker is and how important testing is for personalized health and well-being for society? Andrew Shaw (AS): Personalized medicine is a rapidly evolving pro-active paradigm for healthcare, individualizing the patient’s symptoms, precision diagnosis, and personalized treatment. Precision Medicine is data-hungry and requires better…
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Alexander Kalis is the Managing Partner and co-founder of Milltrust International LLP, a London and Singapore-based investment manager focused on ‘Sustainable Prosperity’, where he manages The Climate Impact Asia Fund in partnership with WWF-Hong Kong, The British Innovation Fund, focused on University science and technology ventures, and Sustainable Agriculture funds.
NEIII Impact Investing Fellowship Fall 2024

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