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This is Our Brick

Paving the way with capital for underestimated LGBTQ+ founders

Not long ago, the face of corporate America was exemplified by folks like Jack Welch and Eric Schmidt: white, generally older, straight men. Then in 2014, something new happened. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, made the decision to share publicly and come out as gay. Cook’s widely read op-ed in Bloomberg Businessweek was met with surprise because, to many, Mr. Cook had appeared to check all the boxes of the American CEO archetype. His disclosure and identity were greeted as groundbreaking — the CEO of Apple, then the most valuable company in the world, was gay. Cook wrote that…
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Megan Kashner is Co-founder of Colorful Capital and a professor and Director of Social Impact at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.
William Burckart is Co-founder of Colorful Capital and CEO of The Investment Integration Project, an applied research and consulting services firm that helps investors manage systemic societal and environmental risks. Mr. Burckart is also a fellow of the High Meadows Institute. He previously served as a visiting scholar to the ... Read more
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