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Understanding Informality in India’s Artisan Economy

Official figures put the number of artisans in India at 7 million. Unofficially, 200 million people directly or indirectly depend on craft for a livelihood. When we discuss the artisan economy, there is a huge perception gap. Much like the parable of the blind men and the elephant, each one of us is likely to claim an absolute truth based on our limited, subjective experience. In the process, the realities and experiences of others, which could very well be true or relevant within a context, often get sidelined. The artisan economy is one such elephant. 93% of India’s workforce is…
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Priya Krishnamoorthy is an award-winning broadcast journalist, arts manager and creative impact strategist passionate about bringing creativity/culture in conversation with sustainable development. A Fulbright Fellow and advocate in the creative industries, Priya is Founder and CEO of 200 Million Artisans, an ecosystem enabler reimagining the potential of India’s artisan economy.
Aparna Subramanyam is a brand developer, creative strategist, and communications consultant empowering changemakers to increase their impact through branding and creative storytelling — elevating how mission and purpose are translated into brand-aligned strategy, messaging, and designed experiences. She is Partner at 200 Million Artisans, an ecosystem enabler reimagining the potential ... Read more

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