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Accelerating Net-Zero Transitions in Agriculture and Food Systems

Embracing technology for a sustainable future

As climate change accelerates, transforming agriculture and food systems to reduce emissions has become a global imperative. Technologies for a net-zero transition in agriculture and food systems are playing a critical role in complementing existing climate action initiatives. IDH and Intellecap Advisory Services are jointly studying these technologies to better understand their potential use-cases in mitigating emissions and how they can be integrated into businesses, governments, and developmental agencies' strategies. This article provides an overview of the ongoing study and highlights some early findings related to emission hotspots, technology use-cases, benefits, and principles related to adoption in the smallholder context.…
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Shreejit Borthakur is a Senior Innovation Manager and Technology Lead at IDH. He works across IDH programs to test various digital and non-digital technologies that can benefit smallholder farmers while also reducing the environmental footprint of agriculture. Furthermore, through partnerships, he is focused on creating enabling ecosystems where impact-focused agritech ... Read more
Ravi Gupta works with Climate, Energy, and Agriculture practice at Intellecap. He assists Intellecap to seed, support and scale key solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation across multiple sectors, specifically agriculture. In addition to this, Ravi works to foster collaboration between stakeholders across the agricultural supply chain to reduce ... Read more
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