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Collaborating on Impact to Solve the World’s Most Pressing Needs

Investing and giving strategically is of increasing importance if we are to solve the most important social, environmental, and economic issues facing the world today. Driven by targets set in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and free from many of the constraints of governments or big companies, individual investors, impact investors, grant-making organizations and philanthropists are well-placed to invest for impact — be that with pure philanthropic or blended return objectives. This freedom also means they are uniquely placed to use their capital and networks in collaborative and creative ways. However, to do this they need cost-effective intelligence and…
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David, Impact Entrepreneur Europe correspondent, is passionate about helping organizations succeed and increase their positive social and environmental impact. He is a Board-level adviser and consultant to several purpose-driven organisations, having led ESG/impact, strategy, marketing, and commercial development for major consulting, legal, banking, early stage, and charitable organisations. David is ... Read more
Sianne Haldane’s passion is to drive more positive impact and create successful opportunities and partnerships that deliver impact. Her experience spans from working in a large law firm focusing on corporate governance and social responsibility, to working for a family office and large not-for-profits.
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