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How to Solve the Great Resignation?

Three Ways the Impact Economy Can Play a Role

We’re seeing it all over. Companies can’t hire enough workers fast enough. But it’s not necessarily because business is booming. This week’s Washington Post story about the employee walkout in the fast food industry is just one of numerous examples across America that the great resignation continues. How to explain it? Paul Krugman recently tried, writing that the “great resignation” may really be about a “great rethink”. In other words, for those of us fortunate enough to avoid the worst effects of COVID, the pandemic afforded us time to reprioritize what’s most important to us – in our personal lives…
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A transformative figure and influencer since the early days of impact investing, Chintan Panchal Chintan is a Founding Partner and head of the U.S. region at RPCK, Rastegar Panchal, a global boutique law firm that specializes in co-creating and facilitating the launch of scalable and investible solutions that address some ... Read more
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