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Ocean Investing, Impact, and Entrepreneurs

Blue Economy Opportunities.

The ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, hosts a major portion of the planet’s biodiversity, provides the world with food, energy, transport, and recreation, as well as playing a vital role in regulating the water and carbon cycles, while producing half the oxygen we breathe. The global ‘blue economy’ contributes US$2.5tn a year in economic output (equivalent to world’s seventh-largest by GDP) and is expected to expand at twice the rate of the mainstream economy, reaching US$3tn a year by 2030. The largest ocean economy sectors include: offshore oil and gas, maritime and coastal tourism, maritime equipment and ports.…
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Paul Holthus founded the World Ocean Council (WOC) - the global Blue Economy Business and Investment Organization - in 2009. This global network of 35,000+ ocean business stakeholders bring together shipping, fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, offshore energy, investors and others to create leadership, collaboration and action on “Corporate Ocean Responsibility”.

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