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Iva Kaufman

Iva Kaufman is a specialist in promoting collaboration among funders and cooperation among business leaders and NGOs. She is an advocate of social investment and community reinvestment strategies responsive to global issues and local community concerns. Iva advises purpose driven organizations, foundation and family office lead initiatives as well as venturesome startups. Her goal is to strengthen partnerships and catalyze resources so NGOs and companies can grow and scale. She works creatively with foundations and family offices to foster innovation and accelerate greater prosperity for all. Her commitment is to support a culture of human rights learning aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goas for 2030.

She is an associate of Access Ventures, a partner in the Uniquity Group, and advisor to several cutting-edge ventures in Life Science, food, energy, media/arts and culture; Iva is a strong advocate of initiatives that provide access to capital and support to founders of color and women entrepreneurs. In 2018-19 she consulted to the Stetson Family Office on the launch of the Coalition on Global Better Health in partnership with civil society, investors, foundations, and Member States at the United Nations.

Presently, Iva is a member of the leadership team of Cytokind — a game changing effort to apply photo-immunology to arrest the Covid-19 Pandemic; and BrainSavers — an actual and virtual platform for lifestyle changes and learning to address the pandemic of Dementia and Alzheimers Disease that is upon us. On the side of NGOs she advises the Alliance Institute on their activities along the Mobile/Pritchard/Africatown Blueway and Gulf Coast Opportunity Zones; PAWISCA, the Platform for African Women in Smart Climate Agriculture; and is advancing the local to global integration of low cost streaming video technology in the field of Telemedicine and job training and development for Logos E in partnership with 21CcEducation.

Ms. Kaufman is an active member of the American Sustainable Business Council. A graduate of the University of Chicago, she is board chair of the Circumpolar Conservation Union (, a trustee of the Peace Development Fund (, and a founder of the Peoples Movement for Human Rights Learning (

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