Sustainable Innovation & Systemic Impact with MIT’s Jason Jay


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Sustainable Innovation and Systemic Impact with MIT’s Jason Jay

Join us for a compelling Luminarias Series webinar featuring a fireside chat and audience Q&A, where Impact Entrepreneur’s Laurie Lane-Zucker welcomes Jason Jay, a vanguard in the realm of sustainability at MIT Sloan.

This conversation hones in on the transformative theories of change that underpin sustainable innovation and drive systemic impact, aiming to dissect the frameworks and strategies instrumental in navigating the transition towards a more sustainable economy.

We focus on:

  • Balancing the ambition and realism of environmental goals within enterprises.
  • The crucial role of systemic investing in confronting complex social challenges, advancing beyond traditional single-solution approaches.
  • Pinpointing leadership capabilities essential for spurring cross-sector collaboration and spearheading systemic sustainability transformations.
  • The catalyzing role of sustainability-oriented innovation as a conduit to pioneering business models and solutions.

Drawing on the depth of Jason Jay’s recent co-authored articles (herehere, and here), this webinar offers guidance to equip leaders, innovators, and change agents with the insights needed to maneuver the intricacies of systemic change and sustainable innovation. Engage with us in a session designed to redefine the synergy between entrepreneurship, investment, and education in our collective quest for a durable and resilient impact economy.


Jason Jay

Jason Jay

Jason Jay is a Senior Lecturer and Director of the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative. He teaches executive and masters-level courses on strategy, innovation, and leadership for sustainable business. He has helped secure MIT Sloan’s position as a leader in the field of sustainability through teaching, research, and industry engagement. Dr. Jay’s publications have appeared in the Academy of Management Journal, California Management Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Greenbiz, and World Economic Forum. With Gabriel Grant, he is the author of the international bestseller Breaking Through Gridlock: The Power of Conversation in a Polarized World. Dr. Jay also works as a facilitator for companies, organizations, and business families, supporting high quality conversation and shared commitment to ambitious sustainability goals. His clients have included EFG Asset Management, Novartis, Bose, Environmental Defense Fund, BP and the World Bank.


Laurie Lane-Zucker

Laurie Lane-Zucker

Laurie Lane-Zucker is Founder and CEO of Impact Entrepreneur, PBC, an impact economy business that hosts the Impact Entrepreneur Network — a large, global network of “systems-minded” entrepreneurs, investors, and scholars of social and environmental innovation — and editor and publisher of Impact Entrepreneur, a digital magazine covering the emerging Impact Economy. For over 30 years, Laurie has been a “pioneer” (Forbes) and recognized leader in sustainability, social enterprise, and impact investing. Laurie was the founding Executive Director of the international environmental organization, Orion Society, which publishes the celebrated Orion Magazine, as well as the founder of a global sustainability think-tank, the Triad Institute, and Hotfrog, a Founding B Corporation, GIIRS Pioneer Company, and the first company ever to complete an equity transaction on an impact investment exchange. Laurie is the bestselling and multiple award-winning publisher and editor of books and magazines on sustainability and social impact — having worked with such acclaimed authors as Wendell Berry, Barry Lopez, Terry Tempest Williams, and David James Duncan — and the author of numerous articles on entrepreneurship and impact investing. Laurie is contributing author to the recently published academic textbook from World Scientific, Sustainability: Business and Investment Implications (2023).

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