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Structured Innovation to Solve Environmental Challenges

A Case Study of the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize

By the year 2040, the amount of new plastic waste entering the ocean will nearly triple. Today, thin-film plastic is responsible for ~46% of all plastic in the ocean, with 4.5 billion thin-film plastic bags ending up in the ocean every year, and billions more going to landfill. Apparel industries, which use 180 billion polybags per year, are desperate to find a replacement that can work with their current supply chains. Finding such a replacement and overcoming massive environmental challenges like ocean plastic pollution more generally, will require disruptive ideas that are grounded in solving real-world problems. This article introduces…
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J.R. Siegel is a sustainability and strategy consultant who lives with his family in Seattle. He is a member of the Plastic Innovation Prize Scientific and Technical Advisory Board.
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