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Drones Join Fight Against Wildfire Devastation

Accelerating post-wildfire recovery in ways conventional solutions can’t achieve

Severe, frequent, and frightening: there’s no doubt you’ve seen the headlines – and perhaps inhaled the smoke – emanating from recent wildfires across Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Quebec. Every year, wildfire season seems to get worse, particularly during periods of increasingly hot weather and drought. In Canada, wildfires burn about 2.5 million hectares annually, devastating communities, destroying homes and infrastructure and, tragically, claiming human lives. This year, more than 29,000 people have already been evacuated from their homes in Alberta. As the impacts of climate change intensify, the impacts are being felt all around the world. Wildfires don’t just affect…
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As Managing Partner of TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good, Blair Miller has made it his mission to leverage TELUS’ resources to fund and empower the next generation of startups focused on doing good and driving social impact for Canada. From transforming healthcare, to supporting sustainable agriculture and reducing environmental footprints, ... Read more
Bryce Jones is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Flash Forest, Canada's largest and first to market drone-reforestation company. Bryce is a highly motivated entrepreneur, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, a background in forestry and mechatronics engineering, interested in building an exciting and inspiring future by using technology ... Read more
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