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INSEAD, LBS, & IESE “TAP” Campaign to Create Palestinian Jobs

MBA networks are paving the way for responsible leadership

A coalition of MBA networks are paving the way for responsible leadership; committing to hire 500 Palestinians

INSEAD, LBS, and IESE MBA alumni networks have partnered with the Dutch/Palestinian startup Talent Acceleration Platform (TAP) to launch a campaign to create 500 jobs for Palestinians.

TAP identifies and trains high potential talent from Palestine and Jordan and upon completion of its programs, places the talent in full time jobs with startups across the world. The announcement of the partnership follows the successful campaign “Palestine’s Future”, where TAP attracted the attention of over 1,000 tech professionals who have pledged their mentoring support to Palestinian youth. With a large number of volunteers coming from the INSEAD MBA network, Co-Founder & CEO Christian Vezjak also noticed another interesting pattern: more than 30% of talent placements by TAP have been with INSEAD-led startups.

Hadeel Jaradat from INSEAD sees a clear connection: “Inspired by INSEAD’s founding principle of using business as a force for good, hiring talent from Palestine channels our legacy of hope and opportunity amid adversity.”

Top business schools commonly preach the importance of creating responsible leaders creating a sustainable impact on the world. TAP’s partnership with INSEAD, LBS, and IESE MBA alumni networks is a great opportunity to “talk the talk and walk the walk”; spearheading innovative and socially responsible leadership.

Palastinian Woman working on laptopThe ripple effects of job creation extend far beyond individuals, reaching families and society at large. Each job created holds the potential to catalyze positive change, injecting much-needed resources and stability into Palestinian households and communities.

Hiring Palestinian tech-enabled talent through TAP isn’t just about CSR though: it’s great for business too. Through TAP, companies cut hiring time in half and access the top talent from the Middle East. Thoroughly trained and vetted, TAPers are not only bright and motivated – their performance is so impressive that over 95% of companies who hired a TAPer came looking for more TAP talent whenever a relevant position opened.

Jafar Shunnar, Co-Founder & CTO of TAP,  adds: “The success of this initiative hinges on the collective support of the global community. It’s not just about creating jobs; it’s about nurturing a network of support that empowers Palestinian talent to thrive in their careers.”

Since the beginning of the year TAP has already created more than 50 jobs for Palestinian tech talent with companies based in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Ireland, and many others.

TAP is supported by the Dutch government’s “Nexus and Skills for Jobs” programme and the Swiss Development Agency. For more information about how TAP works with companies and MBA networks in this campaign, please visit https://www.tapcareers.io/future/jobs 

About TAP

TAP, a Dutch/Palestinian initiative, is a career accelerator bridging the gap between global talent and unequal career opportunities. They empower talented young people in fragile parts of the MENA region to jumpstart their remote careers through intensive 16-week online educational programs, with a current focus on Palestine and Jordan.


Christian Vezjak, TAP Co-Founder & CEO


[email protected]



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