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Reducing Chronic Malnutrition through Women Empowerment

“I am now able to support the school-going children, in the past I could not even afford a notebook for a child to use in class. I could say that I was poor because sometimes my family could go without meals, but now things have changed a lot.” — Zione Charles, a single mother supporting 5 children and soyfoods entrepreneur from Chombakata village in Malawi. What does a women-empowered, locally profitable solution to chronic malnutrition look like? It provides affordable, protein-rich food for sale within communities with high malnutrition rates, while providing livelihoods to women and youth entrepreneurs. Local produce…
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Hart Jansson is President of Malnutrition Matters (www.malnutrition.org ). Hart is a former executive in telecommunications software (25 years), who also has 20 years of experience in incubating women’s food-based rural micro-enterprise in Africa and Asia. Hart is focused on scaling up MM’s most recent innovation, the SoyaKit. Successful SoyaKit ... Read more
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