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The Globally First MA & PhD in Conscious Business

The Conscious Business Institute and Ubiquity University are announcing the globally first graduate programs in Conscious Business. Foundation for both Masters in Conscious Business and PhD in Conscious Business is the Conscious Business Institute Master Program, the leading 10-month conscious business certification program provided by the Conscious Business Institute.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants can then choose to upgrade their Conscious Business Institute certification to the graduate programs with Ubiquity University, the global university designed for impact.

“Since more than ten years, our Conscious Business & Conscious Leadership programs have impacted over 55,000 people in 172 countries,” Conscious Business Institute CEO Peter Matthies states. “For several years, we’ve spoken with academic institutions and assessed their interest in Conscious Business graduate programs. There were positive responses and bureaucratic hurdles. Some were open to explore, others said it would take two years to establish a new program, with one university recommending straight out to stay away from a partnership with their university because ‘they like to take ownership of content’. We’re excited to partner with Ubiquity University because of its alignment with the Conscious Business Institute mission, its integrity, and because we strongly believe that it is time to rethink the status quo of the educational sector.”

Peter Merry, Ubiquity University’s Chief Innovation Officer states: “We’re excited to bring the Conscious Business graduate programs into the world together with the Conscious Business Institute. We need everyone operating at their highest potential to navigate this planetary transition, and the CBI program makes that possible.”


About Conscious Business Institute (CBI)

CBI was founded in 2005 and is offering the most proven and comprehensive system for transforming leadership and organizational culture. CBI has worked with the most iconic organizations on five continents, including BMW Group, Starbucks, Intel and Allianz Insurances. CBI provides a measurable, manageable and academically validated system to make the intangible “soft” assets in an organization measurable and manageable in a way that can scale to thousands of employees.


About Ubiquity University

Ubiquity University is a global university designed for social impact. Ubiquity is a new kind of education for a new kind of world. Our founding purpose is to develop learning experiences grounded in the world’s wisdom traditions blended with the practical interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills we need to thrive in a world of increasing complexity and connectivity.

For more information, visit https://consciousbusinessinstitute.com/master-program/ or https://www.ubiquityuniversity.org/masters-in-conscious-business/

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