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Unleashing Dreams to Help Students Create Social Impact

Many people raised in poverty have difficulty believing they can change their lives or communities. If we are to harness their skills and firsthand knowledge to solve social problems, it’s time to unleash more dreams. Schools with a strong career readiness program and a focus on social entrepreneurship can help pave the way. Opportunity disparity is a major setback for developing countries, and it can lead to a despairing mindset. In impoverished areas of the world, the struggle to survive on a daily basis often takes overwhelming precedence in the mindset of residents. These are also the very people who…
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Manjula Shrestha served as a Guidance Counselor and the head of the Kopila Valley Futures Program for five years, supporting students as they create their paths to a life of happiness and stability.
Katy Munden Hays is the BlinkNow Public Relations Manager, a social entrepreneur, and a content writer for social impact causes.
NEIII Impact Investing Fellowship Fall 2024

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NEII Impact Investing Fellowship Fall 2024

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