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Where We Expect ESG Investing to Go in 2022

ESG Comes into Sharper Focus

One of the positive and enduring legacies of the COVID era may ultimately be the mainstreaming of ESG issues. From the outperformance of ESG indices to the S&P early in the pandemic to the recent COP26 conference, the urgency of ESG issues has moved squarely to the fore of the conversation on Main Street and on Wall Street. From our vantage point in the asset management industry, we expect increased attention on ESG issues on the part of investors, shareholders, and regulators to only intensify.  As we gaze ahead to 2022, what this likely means is that these key stakeholders…
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François Chevallier-Gravezat, Portfolio Manager at Welton Investment Partners, leads the Machine Learning Strategy and Risk Platform team and focuses his research on machine learning in systematic trading, including data acquisition and processing, trading signal development, risk management, and algorithmic execution. He has also spearheaded a number of ESG-related innovations at ... Read more
Purva Chhabra aids in the systematic integration of ESG research and analysis into Welton’s investment philosophy. She is responsible for building the firm’s fluency on ESG issues to effectively incorporate the information into Welton’s ESG focused programs. Purva is also a Trader on the Trading Operations & Oversight team where ... Read more
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