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A Fresh Take on Impact Management: First Principles

Sara Olsen provides a brief history of impact measurement and management A client recently mentioned in their impact report that they adopt a "first principles" approach. The concept is potent: it involves understanding the objective, questioning whether existing solutions are suitable for the present and future, and using evidence rather than just intuition to guide decisions. Applying first principles to impact management can assist leaders newly tasked with deciphering their company's "sustainability and impact" to get straight to the point. Today, corporate sustainability and impact officers face a formidable job description: Decide how the company should react to new mandatory disclosures.…
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Sara Olsen is the founder of SVT Group, a pioneering impact management advisory firm that supports clients to grow and tap social and environmental value. SVT's work has been used to manage the impact of $9.9Bn+ in assets. Sara has also trained 7,000+ individuals in impact measurement and management skills. ... Read more
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