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We Accept Pitches

for articles about the business innovations, finance, and other practices that advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to transformative, systemic change (“impact economy”). If you wish to become a regular contributor, please consider applying to become an Impact Entrepreneur Correspondent.

How to Pitch Your Story Idea

We are always looking for timely and informative articles about the impact sector. Our editorial team will review your pitch and reply to let you know if it has been accepted within two weeks.

Impact Entrepreneur Editorial Guidelines

Aligned with Impact Entrepreneur’s Guiding Principles and Mission

Focused on one or more of Impact Entrepreneur’s topic areas

(Not previously published)

Substantial enough
(Produce an article between 500 and 1000 words in length)
Backed up by authoritative evidence
(relevant journalism, white papers, case studies, etc.)

Types of

Feature length articles
(average 800-1000 words)

(up to 800 words)

Photographic portfolios

Video Content

Voices from the Field
(300-500 word profiles of impact practitioners)

Impact Entrepreneur Editorial Guidelines


If your article is accepted for publication, our editorial team will contact you with follow up instructions and a deadline.

Draft Edit

Once we receive your draft, we will review and edit and may require revisions. We reserve the right to refuse publication of your article if it does not meet our standards.


In certain instances, the Editors may invite an author to be a featured guest in one of our live, “deep dive” zoom programs for our premium members to discuss the article in greater depth.


When your article is published your editor will send you a link. We encourage you to help promote your content by sharing online and tagging our official accounts.

When you submit your draft, please share any professional social media handles for yourself, your organization, or business referenced in the guest post. This will allow your content to be tagged on our channels, extending the reach of readers.


You may publish an excerpt of your piece on your own or another website two weeks after publication on Impact Entrepreneur Magazine’s platform. Please link to the full original article and reference that it was “originally published in Impact Entrepreneur Magazine.”

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