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Entrepreneurship has long helped systemically marginalized populations find a path to employment. According to the World Bank, in wealthier economies most markedly, the pandemic also led to a sharp increase in entrepreneurial activity, including by LGBTQ+ individuals. StartOut is a national US-based organization supporting LGBTQ+ founders. Its mission is to contribute to “building a world where every LGBTQ+ entrepreneur has equal access to lead, succeed, and shape the workforce of the future”. The not-for-profit was founded in 2009, as a volunteer, events-based organization, with the intention of providing safe spaces to convene LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, share resources and knowledge, and build…
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Isabelle Swiderski founded her design-for-impact agency Seven25 in 2007 to help values-driven organizations leverage the power of design. Marrying an MBA and MA in Design, Isabelle facilitates systems change and social justice and innovation work in partnership with NGOs, universities, governments, entrepreneurs, and ecosystem builders globally. She also serves as ... Read more
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