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Collecting Data for Impact

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Understanding the impact of your projects involves assessing the tangible changes experienced by people and the environment as a result of your actions. Impact data encompasses a wide range of outcomes, including academic impact through the introduction of new knowledge, economic impact seen in job creation, environmental impact manifested in increased awareness about climate change, and policy impact that brings about changes in laws and regulations. The effects of impact are long-term in nature and can be quite intricate and organized. To systematically plan, monitor, manage, and report on impact, the W. K. Kellogg Foundation's logic model is highly recommended.…
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Mary Ho is an Impact Officer and SDG specialist, currently teaching strategic management and sustainable business-related courses at British Columbia Institute of Technology in Canada, following teaching posts at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Her PhD thesis explored the importance of stakeholder engagement in the sustainability indices’ methodologies.
Alex Smith is Senior Marketing Strategist at hivve. He works to develop impact understanding in global territories, with a keen focus on emerging trends and policy developments. He is currently exploring methodologies to better align impact with SDGs and working with partner organisations to raise awareness around impact reporting.
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