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Throughout history, human progress depends on new ways of organizing enabled by emerging technological innovations. Rethinking Humanity summarizes this coevolutionary dynamic: “History indicates that leading civilizations have evolved ever-greater organizational capabilities in tandem with increased technological capabilities. While the technological capabilities dictate the potential of any civilization, the Organizing System determines how close to this potential a society can get.” A key question for the social impact movement is to ask what the best organizing systems are to achieve our regenerative potential with emerging platform ecosystems. Organizing System and Intent A society’s organizing system includes its institutions and governing structures,…
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Dr. Dan Gordon is Board Chair of the Colleaga global impact fund and venture collaboratory, fostering collaborative impact investment and networked innovation for UN Sustainable Development Goals. Dan focuses on sourcing, financing and accelerating platform companies that aim to deliver scalable regenerative systems improvement.
David Kish is an Ecosystem Advisor focused on the emergence of platform ecosystems that enable regenerative economies. He is a Thinkers 360 Thought Leader in Ecosystems (Top 10) and Sustainability (Top 25). He works across the public, private and social spheres to design experiences that enable everyone to thrive.
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