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It’s Time to Get Serious About Impact Management

The impact investing market reached US$2.3 trillion in 2020 but only US$636 billion of assets – or less than a third – were identified as measuring impact[1] . Astonishingly low given impact measurement is supposedly a defining feature of impact investing. Meanwhile in sustainable finance, over US$30 trillion of finance is now labeled as “sustainable” finance – but “it is unclear how much of it actually promotes sustainable development and how much is actually “SDG-washing”….because there is no universal yardstick for sustainable finance”[2]. After all, if US$30 trillion of finance was really contributing towards sustainable development outcomes, then arguably the…
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Fabienne Michaux, Director SDG Impact, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and lead developer of the SDG Impact Standards for Enterprises, Bond Issuers and Private Equity Funds.
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