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Smarter, Greener Aviation with SATAVIA

SATAVIA’s DECISIONX capability enables eco-conscious aircraft operators to prevent condensation trails (contrails), which cause a net climate warming effect almost double that of direct engine emissions. Using SATAVIA’s technology, aircraft operators can forecast, prevent, and offset negative climate impacts caused by condensation trails, eliminating up to 60% of climate impact per flight. But how does this problem arise, how does the solution work, and what challenges does the company face? Global warming in the blue skies above Have you ever looked up and admired the beautiful white trails left by aircraft in the blue sky above you? In fact, although…
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David is passionate about helping organisations to succeed and increase their positive social and environmental impact. He is a Board-level adviser and consultant to several purpose-driven organisations, having led ESG/impact, strategy, marketing, and commercial development for major consulting, legal, banking, early stage, and charitable organisations. David is a Non-Executive Director ... Read more
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