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Transforming Barriers into Bridges: The Journey of Hispanic Entrepreneurs

Leveraging support systems and capital for economic mobility

Upon graduating from design school, Jeenifer M. made the transformative decision to immigrate from Mexico to the U.S. Despite the risks associated with being undocumented, she believed that this option offered greater prospects for a young professional like herself. Due to her legal status, she initially found herself confined to low-paying design jobs, as better opportunities were inaccessible. However, one avenue remained open to her: starting her own business. Yet, like many others in her situation, the process of launching a business in the U.S. appeared daunting. Sustaining it proved to be an even greater challenge, necessitating a support system…
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Mihai Pătru is the Executive Director of Caravanserai Project, a California- based mission-driven venture focused on providing business training and access to capital to underserved minority entrepreneurs. He also serves on the 2022 Entrepreneurship and Economic Mobility Task Force supported by the California Office of the Small Business Advocate. Prior ... Read more
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