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Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Carbon-backed Stablecoins

$CODEX is a plant backed crypto token that is 1:1 backed by large, unique, old growth, or urban heritage trees. It engages individuals in the creation and care of NFTrees and allows for participation for investors in a living, growing asset class.

Ideally, the investments we make grow, and generally they do, albeit with some ups and downs. Climate observers see this pattern reflected in the Keeling Curve, which shows carbon levels rise during winter as plants die and decrease during summer as plants grow, absorbing carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. A biomimic might suggest that we consider aligning our economic wellbeing to the flows of nature; as one might say, nature has the final say. Measurement of CO2 is evidence of biomimicry: our sensors comparable to robotic leafless trees that eat no carbon, produce no oxygen, and require no water. Sir Herbert…
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Matthew Eshed is a climate systems designer, entrepreneur, and emerging writer who has spent time in New York's Downstate regions, the Mid-Atlantic region, the San Francisco Bay Area, and is currently based in the front range of Colorado, where he is pursuing a Master’s of Environmental Management at Western Colorado ... Read more
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