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Can Philanthropy Fix the Fraying Sense of a Common Good?

I have enormous amounts of privilege, some I earned and some I was given. I try to use that privilege whenever I can to speak truth to power and be a voice for people who don’t often get invited to the table. So, in this vein, I am moved to ask: What if philanthropy can’t fix the problem of a fraying sense of common good because it is one of the problem’s symptoms? Can a sneeze cure a cold? Big philanthropy, both individual and institutional, arises from a highly extractive economic system that decays social cohesion rather than uplifts it.…
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Toni Johnson is CEO and founder of Mission OutLoud, which uses creative communications strategy and content to unleash clients’ voices and cut through the noise. She is on the finance committee for the Christopher Reynolds Foundation and is the former vice president of knowledge and influence for the Heron Foundation.
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