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A new marketplace called OutcomesX

The S, for social impact in ESG, is hard to measure. This has led two experts in the social impact area to team up and create OutcomesX. This new global marketplace turns social outcomes into an asset, to be bought or sold, allowing corporates, foundations, and other donor organizations to fund their impact aims in a simple way, based on an established and robust method of impact measurement. It also allows charities with lower profile but a successful track record to access funders more easily. What motivated the founders and how did OutcomesX emerge? The problem for investors in social…
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David is passionate about helping organizations succeed and increase their positive social and environmental impact. He is a Board-level adviser and consultant to several purpose-driven organisations, having led ESG/impact, strategy, marketing, and commercial development for major consulting, legal, banking, early stage, and charitable organisations. David is a Non-Executive Director (NED) ... Read more
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