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Machine Learning for Impact Insights

Bridging the Gap

For impact entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations like Social Finance, access to academic research is crucial to designing and supporting effective social programs. However, the disconnect between research and practice is a well-documented issue, affecting both practitioners and the academic community. This article explores the challenge of limited access to academic research for impact economy practitioners and highlights the potential of AI, through the lens of the groundbreaking SyROCCO tool, to make research findings more accessible to non-profits and impact businesses. The problem: limited access to academic research Despite the wealth of knowledge available in academic journals, most non-profits, social enterprises,…
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Louise Savell is co-founder of Social Finance where she advises governments, donors and service providers on the design and delivery of outcomes-focused social development programs. She is a Visiting Fellow of Practice at the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford.
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