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Soil, Food, Health, and the Environment

With health concerns gripping nations globally, now is the moment to take a step back and look at the root cause of many problems we face today. Many people believe that the rise in autoimmune diseases, cancers, allergies and memory disorders are partially due to an improvement in health diagnostics, yet the clear answer lies in our food supply and the ground beneath our feet — soil health. Growing concerns over health and wellness correlate directly into deficits in our soils. When beneficial minerals and nutrients are not available to plants via the soil, it ceases to exist in our…
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Dr. Kim Fleming has more than 20 years’ experience in Farming and Agronomy. He led research efforts at multiple universities, and many of the Precision Ag concepts and technologies he developed have become part of commercial platforms. He has worked in industry for the last 10 years, and his success ... Read more
Penelope Nagel is founder and President of Persistence Data Mining, and a 9th generation farmer with a passion to establish technology for sustainable farming. She is an experienced program manager, founder, strategist, and loss mitigation analyst.
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