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We Need More Golden Pyramids

Reminding family offices of their superpower

We need more golden pyramids.​ Ok, let’s back up. A lot of my time is spent with family offices, through CREO and Spring Lane amongst others. Family offices are all different, of course, since they reflect the past and future of individual families that are all unique, but they share one core characteristic that sets them aside from every other financial institution in the world. Almost every financial player — banks, pension funds, endowments, wealth managers, PE funds, foundations — are intermediaries. They manage capital on behalf of others — shareholders, pension holders, account owners, limited partners. They can invest,…
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Christian Zabbal is a Managing Partner with Spring Lane Capital. He also serves as board member and co-founder on the CREO Syndicate, a group of large family offices that invest in food, water, and energy companies and technologies.
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