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How Cutting-Edge Science Can Solve the Looming Protein Crisis

With the global population expected to reach 10bn by 2050, demand for food is set to increase by over 70% over the coming decades. To meet this demand, it is estimated that meat production will need to double while dairy & fish production will need to almost triple. Simultaneously, we will have to manage the ongoing effects of climate change that come with livestock methane emissions, as well as the land and water use involved in traditional livestock farming. This looming protein crisis presents major environmental and food security concerns for the world, which only cutting-edge science can help to address. Cultivated…
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Alexander Kalis is the Managing Partner and co-founder of Milltrust International LLP, a London and Singapore-based investment manager focused on ‘Sustainable Prosperity’, where he manages The Climate Impact Asia Fund in partnership with WWF-Hong Kong, The British Innovation Fund, focused on University science and technology ventures, and Sustainable Agriculture funds.
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