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The Impetus for Investing in Biodiversity

Why funding nature makes financial sense, now more than ever

Before I went to college, I worked for a spider taxonomist for a summer. By most standards, it was a peculiar, if not unpleasant, species group to be working with. I wasn’t necessarily the biggest fan of creepy crawlies before this undertaking, but my boss then brought a special magic to the experience that made me utterly fall in love with them. “Look at the shape of that carapace!” he’d exclaim, and I’d look, and it’d be beautiful, and unlike anything I’d ever seen before. I think spiders became for me then what species groups like birds, corals, butterflies, and…
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Rachel Ashton Lim is an impact investment analyst at Silverstrand Capital, a Singapore-based family office which invests in biodiversity and the regenerative economy. She holds a dual degree from Claremont McKenna College in Biology and Environmental Policy. Rachel is passionate about restorative justice, environmental protection, and in the innovative, intersectional ... Read more
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