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Why Impact Management Matters

Making a transformative difference requires us to focus on active, engaged management of our investments and business practices.

Impact management (IM), the term of art for the practices used by impact investors, social enterprises, and others to measure and manage their intended impact, matters. Why? Because any hope of achieving the global goals articulated in the SDGs, any hope of quenching the fire of the burning house declared by Greta Thunberg, and any hope of halting the ever-widening racial and wealth gap worldwide demands that we attend to our investments both to avoid repeating our mistakes, and to enhance our successes. Attending to our investments requires a firm grasp on data and insights about impact goals and a…
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Melanie Audette is the Senior Vice President at Mission Investors Exchange, a national membership network for foundations building and growing their impact investing programs. She works with members to identify and drive additional resources towards innovative impact investing opportunities, facilitates partnerships across the sector, and represents the impact investing network.
Sarah Gelfand is one of the impact investing market’s early pioneers. She was a founding Director at the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), where she led development of the industry’s leading system for measuring and managing impact (IRIS+). As Managing Director of BlueMark, Sarah co-leads business strategy, business and product ... Read more
Brian Komar is a social impact expert whose 25+ year career includes leadership roles in the public, private & nonprofit sectors. Brian currently serves as Vice President, Global Impact Innovation driving Salesforce.org's stakeholder impact strategy. His team measures & manages Salesforce.org’s impact and helps align how businesses, nonprofits & education ... Read more
Jane Reisman bridges the worlds of impact measurement and management and the evaluation profession. As founder of an evaluation firm ORS Impact, Jane engaged in new frontiers to scale impact. Her current work as a social impact advisor focuses on field-building efforts that strengthen impact measurement and management practices.
I seek to scale the social and environmental impact of private, public, and non-profit investors through accountable impact management and evaluation, and active stakeholder engagement. Focused on policy, and an experienced advocate, evaluator, and social impact advisor, my consultancy spans dozens of philanthropic and private sector clients.

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